EAS-A 332: Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Makeup, Late and Extra Work

How do I make up an assignment?

For every assignment in our course, you will have multiple days to complete it.  For some of the assignment categories, you are permitted multiple "drop" grades too.  Therefore, makeup work can only be given in the case of medical or religous absence or the death of a family member.

You've got to reach out and let me know if something like this happens.  Awkward as it will be, please do not wait.  Makeup grades can then be negotiated.

What about late work?

You already have multiple days, but I understand that sometimes you have to wait until the very last minute.  After that, I have built in a 4-hour late policy for all assignments on Canvas, with a 25% reduction per hour.  Any credit is better than no credit, so if you're a few minutes or a couple hours late, always submit anyway!

Do you offer extra credit?

No.  Throughout the semester, you will have over 40 different opportunities and assignments to earn part of your course grade.  Please take maximum advantage of all of the assignments you have to help you achieve your highest grade.

Last Updated on August 24th, 2020