EAS-A 332: Atmospheric Thermodynamics


Can students work together on assignments?

This is a science class, so of course, yes, collaboration and discussion is expected and encouraged!

However, each student must submit their own, individual work and may not copy words, ideas, figures, or explanations from another student’s submitted work.  When you submit an assignment, you signify that all of the creative effort contained in it is yours unless otherwise cited or referenced.  All of us – yes, including me – are bound by the IU Student Code for the duration of the semester.

How will that work this semester?

We'll follow three main principles:

  • Rule #1 is the two-paragraph statement above.
  • All graded activities and assignments, no matter the type, are "open note" and "open book" and "open what's-already-on-the-web" unless you are specifically told otherwise in the instructions.
  • You are not permitted to seek or confirm answers on graded course assignments from others (for example: asking a family member; asking a former student in the course; posting to a help forum) unless you are specifically told you can do so in the instructions.


Last Updated on August 24th, 2020