GEOL-G 466: Hydrometeorology

Course Plan

This page is subject to drastic change over the coming months.  It includes the major course sections, and a selection of possible readings/articles for discussion for each section.

0. Review of Synoptic Meteorology

1. Meteorological Ingredients and the Production of Rainfall

2. Precipitation Distribution in Mesoscale Weather Systems

  • To review for inclusion: COMET Module on Atmospheric Rivers
  • To review for inclusion: Mountain Meteorology 8 (Precipitation)
  • Applied Hydrometeorology: Chapter 7 (Tropical Storms and Hurricanes)

3. Interactions of Meteorology and Hydrology during Flood Events

  • To review for inclusion: several COMET Modules on Flash Flood Processes, Snowmelt Processes, Runoff Processes, Streamflow Routing

4. Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF)

5. Hydrometeorological Observing and Measurement Systems

6. Polarimetric Radar Measurements of Precipitation; QPE

  • To review for inclusion: Chapter 8 of Doviak.  Drop size distributions, single- and dual-pol-parameter QPE
  • To review for inclusion: Hong and Gourley, Radar Hydrology, Chapters 2 and 3


Last Updated on April 11th, 2019