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This page is no longer being updated now that the Fall 2017 semester has started.


(Below, my early August note to everyone)

Hi everyone,

As of August 1st, new student enrollment has ended and we were able to accommodate just about everyone who was on the wait list by this time.

If you join the wait list after August 1, hold on to that spot and check back every few days to see if a seat has opened up.  Unfortunately, we are limited to 120 students by the College of Arts and Sciences.  Because this is a COLL course and is run by the Dean's Office, I actually have no permission to add (or drop!) students -- there is no form or website that I know of to do that.  You'll have to ask your advisor about how to get permission to enroll.

Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer break, and see you soon.

Dr. K


(Below, my pre-August 1 note to everyone)

As of May 1st, we have a very large wait list -- well over a dozen students.  Here's how things work.

The College of Arts and Sciences has limited the enrollment at 120 students.  Of those, 30 seats are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors; and 90 seats are reserved for incoming freshmen who will enroll during the summer.  Until all those students have come to campus and had an opportunity to enroll, empty seats cannot be released.

In the meantime, I would say hold on to your spot on the wait list, and be patient -- check back a few times during the summer to see if you've moved up.

Have a great summer and hope to see you this fall.

Dr. K


Page updated on August 29th, 2017

Notice: Wait List Information

Please see this page for updates about our completely full course and the growing wait list.



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