Will we have regular class meetings?

Yes. There will be two "live," but recorded, class meetings each week, at the usual times.

Is attendance at those required?

Not everyone will have reliable Internet access all the time, so no.  I will record the session so you can watch them when you have a good connection.  Or go back and watch them again, if you need to.  There is no "attendance grade" in E144 -- I don't do that anyways.

What about grades?

We'll have at least one, sometimes two, assignments due every week.  They will be based on what we talk about in class, what you are reading, photos and videos I've asked you to view, and so on.  I am working on a plan to combine quizzes, homeworks, and exams all into one pool of activities.

We will NOT simply have two or three big exams that determine most of your grade.  No no no.

Get more information on this page.

How do we get help?

I want to help you if I can.  The different ways of communication, to me, are the hardest part of going online.  Unless you reach out to me, I may not realize that you are stuck or struggling with something.  I will set up multiple channels for you to get in touch -- Canvas obviously, email obviously, and text / GChat / Facetime / Discord / etc. too if needed.  It all starts with a first contact though.  Whatever is on your mind, let me know.


Page updated on August 5th, 2020

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