Spring 2022 COVID Guidance

I am only including guidance related to my classrooms. In public spaces, labs, dining halls, you should follow that relevant guidnace.

Masks: as of January 10th

Correctly wearing a mask in the classroom is required, in compliance with CDC guidance, IU guidance, and the current Monroe County mask mandate.


"What if I Feel Sick?"

Then stay t. f. at home. If you have obvious symptoms (of COVID, flu, strep, or anything similar), I reserve the right to dismiss you from class for the day. Use common sense: don't show up someplace if you're contagious.

If masks ever become optional in the classroom...

Then you will be welcome to continue wearing one, if you wish, with no judgment at all.

Failure to Follow the Mask Guidance

This is an academic misconduct matter (same level as cheating, plagiarism, facilitation, etc.) It will be treated with all the seriousness it deserves.

"Are You Vaccinated?"

No faculty member has the right to ask you this question. Tell me if you want, but I won't ask.

COVID Quarantine, Isolation, or Positive Tests

Whether for isolation / a positive test, or for quarantine, we will treat a COVID-related absence as a medical absence. Medical absences are covered in our syllabus.