Our Syllabus

From the last time I taught the course

Feel free to check out the complete syllabus from the last time I taught the course, in Fall 2016.

Changes for Spring 2018

I anticipate the course "weights" for each section to be approximately these:

20%  Homework assignments (5 total, drop 0)

10%  Quizzes and in-class activities (10 total, drop 1)

15%  Exam 1 (Date to be determined)

15%  Exam 2 (Date to be determined)

15%  Final Exam (at the IU-mandated time; can't be taken early!)

15%  Warmup Questions

10%  Professionalism Points (to be explained in class)


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Past Course Evaluations

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"What Past Students Said"

Here is a snippet of my course evaluations from the last time I taught G144.

Other News & Notes

Dr. K will be out of town for at least one class meeting sometime in mid-February. Either the AI will teach that day, or we'll have an online assignment to complete, or something similar. free hit counters