Our Syllabus

Fall 2018 Syllabus

A draft of our Fall 2018 syllabus is ready.  You may see changes in this document -- some drastic -- until you receive a paper version on the first day of class.

Spring 2018 Syllabus

Here is the complete syllabus from last semester's offering of the course.


Page updated on July 12th, 2018

Past Course Evaluations

If you're a student at IU, you have access to my recent course evaluations through the OCQ Student Dashboard. Check them out!

"What Past Students Said"

Here is a snippet of my course evaluations from the last time I taught G144.

Other News & Notes

Dr. K will be out of town for at least one class meeting sometime in mid-October. Either the AI will teach that day, or we'll have an online assignment to complete, or something similar. free hit counters