What causes tornadoes?  Where and when are hurricanes most common?  What's the difference between sleet and freezing rain?  If you like storms -- or if you're terrified of them and want to learn more about them -- this is the place for you.

When will the course be taught again?

Dr. Paul Staten is teaching the course in Fall 2017.  I'll teach the course again in Spring 2018.

General Details (Spring 2018)

Instructor: Dr. Cody Kirkpatrick (my email address)

Tentative dates and times: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:15-12:30, in Geology 126

Office hours: to be determined

Associate instructors: to be determined

Course Text

There is nothing to buy!  We'll use the "JetStream" website, provided by the National Weather Service.  In addition, I'll provide numerous handouts and additional readings.  (Hint: get a three-ring binder.)

More Details

Go check out our Syllabus (link is on the right) if you want all the gory details about all aspects of our course.

Current Weather Conditions

We'll look at national and local current weather almost daily during the course.  I bet you already know how to interpret these images!

This Website

We'll use a combination of this website and Canvas for the course this semester.  If that gets to be too confusing or too cumbersome, we'll adjust as needed.


Page updated on July 27th, 2017


Feel free to check out the complete syllabus from the last time I taught the course, in Fall 2016.

Past Evaluations

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