Do I need an umbrella today?  What's the difference between sleet and hail?  Why are those annoying sirens going off again?  These weather questions and more, answered in COLL-C 105: Weather and You.

Please note: the public areas of this website are not used much once the semester begins.  Almost all our course materials will be stored on our Canvas page so students can have everything in one place.

General Details

Instructor: Dr. Cody Kirkpatrick (contact info)

Associate instructors: Devon Colcord and Andrea Shilling

Class meetings: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:15-12:30, in Woodburn 120

Office hours: check the syllabus

Course Text

There is nothing to buy!  We'll use the "JetStream" website, provided by the National Weather Service.  In addition, I'll provide numerous handouts and additional readings.  (Hint: get a three-ring binder.)

More Details

Go check out our Syllabus (link at the very top) if you want all the gory details about all aspects of our course.

Current Weather Conditions

We'll look at national and local current weather almost daily during the course.  I bet you already know how to interpret these images!



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